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The multiparametricphenotypic signature approach is based on the new high content screening (HCS) platform developed in collaboration with Prof. Weil and Dr. Kakhlon. HCS is used for discovering numerous cellular features characterizing a disease in addition to its established phenotypes (accumulation of polyglucosan bodies in the case of APBD).

Put together, these features generate a global disease phenotype discernible from unaffected control cells.

Machine learning techniques help identify to what extent this global diseased phenotype is corrected (i.e. its relative conversion towards the control global phenotype).

We want to test how therapeutic candidates can mediate this correction.

Yes there is an immediate need to expand this approach as we believe it is groundbreaking and will change personalized medicine so as to minimize side effects, simply because multiple effects of a therapeutic candidate, rather than its limited influence on a single established phenotype, are addressed.


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Goal: $500,000.00

$343,000.00 raised