NYC Marathon fundraiser



There are over 7,000 orphan diseases that affect humankind.

Only 250 of which have any known therapy.

6-8% of the world’s population have an orphan disease.

32 million Americans suffer from an orphan disease.

APBD is one of those diseases.

Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease

• A - Adult (onset at age 40 to 60; often, but not exclusively, affects those of Ashkenazi ancestry)

• P - Peripheral neuropathy(numbness, weakness or tingling in the toes, fingers, hands, and/or feet)

• B - Bathroom (frequent, beyond the norm urination or difficulty with bladder control)

• D - Diminished energy (lethargy may develop later in disease process)

JoJo runs again to raise funds for curing APBD. She wants to reverse and prevent the extensive nerve damage that leads to its brutal symptoms. APBD creeps along quietly but finally comes out of the shadows when its victims are in their 30’s-60’s. Slowly but surely, nerve cells get clogged with a sort of debris which damages them severely. The result looks like diseases whose names you might recognize. ALS and MS are two. In fact, APBD is often misdiagnosed as one of those diseases. Right now, there is no treatment for APBD, but our scientists have developed some highly promising leads. Cures for APBD will potentially benefit number of related genetic disorders. These disorders can affect people in the prime of life, as young adults, as infants, and even the unborn.Your donation will make a world of difference in many lives!

Goal: $26,200.00

$47,222.00 raised